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      General Liability & Motor Truck Cargo2019-04-19T14:51:12+00:00

      General Liability & Motor Truck Cargo

      General Liability Policies

      QEO offers General Liability policies including premises coverage, personal and advertising coverage, and products/completed operations coverage in support of our Transportation Clients.

      This is available for clients who earn income from trucking operations.

      QEO General Liability provides liability protection for injuries or property damage sustained in the course of business while on premises, using products or services. In addition to products and completed operations coverage, it provides coverage for personal and advertising injury.

      Motor Truck Cargo Policies

      QEO also offers Motor Truck Cargo Carriers Coverage in support of our Transportation Clients. Cargo coverage provides protections for property being transported by a covered auto.

      Coverage is for cargo that is lost or damaged due to:

      • Fire
      • Theft
      • Collision
      • Striking of a Load

      Coverage includes:

      • $25,000 Debris Removal/Pollution Cleanup
      • $10,000 Earned Freight
      • $7,500 Sue & Labor Clause

      Refrigeration Breakdown coverage is also available from QEO, covering physical loss to covered property as a result of spoilage or change in temperature from the sudden and accidental breakdown of refrigeration or heating units on a covered vehicle.